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Your First Visit

Your child’s first dental visit will be a great introduction into the importance of oral health.

Accepted Insurance

To help make our services more available, we take various types of insurance, as well as Medicaid.

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Professional, Compassionate, Care For Your Child’s Smile

At Children’s Dental Care, we have a team of caring professionals who are committed to helping your child sustain optimal oral health throughout their life. With a vast background working with children, we have the knowledge and passion to deliver exceptional dentistry. Call us today at (561) 327-7508 to learn more about our services.

For your child’s first appointment at our office, we will take them around and introduce them so that they can begin to feel more comfortable. This visit will also include a gentle cleaning, x-rays, and possible fluoride treatment. We’ll end it with a prize and stickers to award them for improving their oral health.During the appointment, you have the option of being in the room with your child, which is typically encouraged for younger children. For this initial appointment, we’ll also need to know about your child’s medical history and some of their habits so that we can make our treatment is personalized to their specific needs.

Meet Our Staff

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff members are ready to treat and care for your child. We accept most insurance policies including Medicaid. To get started or request more information.

Classroom Facilities

There are many reasons to choose us for your child’s dentistry services, including the following:

  • Our staff includes knowledgeable professionals
  • We’ve welcomed an orthodontist to our group – Please call for consultation!
  • You receive treatment from a friendly and caring team
  • We are committed to providing quality care
  • Our facility is a family-oriented office
  • We use the latest technology and equipment
  • Your child is treated compassionately and respectfully
  • Our focus is to make the experience as beneficial and positive as possible

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff members are ready to treat and care for your child. We accept most insurance policies including Medicaid. To get started or request more information, call us at (561) 279-4080.


Dental Checkups

Taking care of your child’s smile is an ongoing process and one of the most effective ways to do this is through regular checkups. At Children’s Dental Care, we recommend a routine checkup to be done at least twice a year. During our routine checkups, we can provide a professional assessment.

For your child’s first visit, you can expect the following:

  • Meet and greet to help them get used to the office
  • Application of topical fluoride
  • Possible x-rays
  • Oral examination
  • Cleaning
  • Teeth polishing
  • Proper cleaning demonstration
  • And lastly, a prize and stickers

Checkups are a valuable way for us to improve your child’s dental health now and in the future. Don’t wait to schedule an initial appointment. We accept various forms of insurance including Medicaid. Contact us at (561) 279-4080 today to get started!


Teeth Cleanings

Regular cleanings are a critical part of keeping your child’s smile. During our routine cleanings, we help your child understand the proper way to brush and clean their own teeth. While this is important for them to do, brushing and flossing alone will not get as deep as you need.

During our dental cleaning services, we do the following:

  • Remove plaque build up
  • Reduce stains
  • Detect signs of cavities or other tooth decay
  • Improve oral hygiene
  • Dental Cleaning

Our focus is working with children and offering a thorough, yet gentle cleaning, all while in a comfortable environment. It is recommended that you schedule a cleaning every six months for your child so that their teeth are regularly evaluated by an experienced dentist. We accept Medicaid and various forms of insurance. Schedule an appointment today by contacting us at (561) 279-4080.


Dental Fillings to Treat Cavities


Cavities can form when food remains on your teeth and eventually forms plaque. Plaque can slowly eat away at your teeth, causing tooth decay. Once cavities are found, we can treat is as soon as possible. We can go into the tooth, remove any decay that has occurred, and replace it with a strong and durable filling.

Fillings can provide the following benefits:

  • Restore the integrity and strength of a tooth
  • Reduce the risk of further tooth decay
  • Prevent tooth structure, nerves, and tissues from damage


Preventative Dental Care


Many oral health issues that individuals come across could have been prevented if early action was taken. At Children’s Dental Care, we recommend ongoing checkups and regular cleaning as preventative care. We will evaluate your child and look for any warning signs. We also work with you and your child to develop proper habits of oral hygiene, including daily brushing and flossing.

Through preventative measures, it is possible to avoid the following issues:

  • Enamel wear
  • Gum recession
  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis
  • Tooth decay

Schedule an Appointment at Children’s Dental Care Today

Everyone can benefit from preventative care and teaching your child the correct way to care for their oral health early on can help them develop good habits throughout their lifetime. Call us today at (561) 279-4080 to get started. We accept various forms of insurance, including Medicaid.


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